S J Jennings spent his formative years in the Forest of Dean, in Gloucestershire and Norwich, a medieval city on the East Coast of England.

As a teenager he taught himself computer programming. He created a small program to generate Haiku poems, his first foray into authorship.

His early career veered from politics as a member of the National Executive of the National Union of Students (NUS) to working for Hackney Council, one of the poorest boroughs in England.  

He moved into technology and data analytics consulting in the early 1990s.  He lived in Zurich, Switzerland for almost a year, then worked all over Europe and further afield including being embedded with a team of IT consultants from Hyderabad, India; the impetus for the award winning novel, The Golkonda Project, came from those experiences.

He currently lives (mostly) in Toronto with his wife, Taliaferro, and their two daughters, with forays to London, Barcelona and beyond.